Antelope Hunting

Elkhorn Outfitters offers 3-day Antelope hunts. These Spot & Stalk hunts are conducted by vehicle out in the plains country,  where the sage brush & rolling hills make this land something to behold. The typical Antelope here is from the mid-to-high 70's (Boon & Crocket), with a normal shot being 100 to 300 yards. 99% of hunters will use rifles or muzzle loaders but hunting is open to bow hunters as well. The terrain and distance for shots makes bow hunting difficult (but not impossible). These hunts start in August and run through September so dress light as it's warm this time of year.


We have a tremendous amount of Antelope on this property with herds of 100 or more seen regularly. This is with no high fence & all fair chase.

About t
he Hunt & Facilities
Hunters can stay at either the main lodge with it's comfortable accomodations or at the horse camp (at about 9500 ft), with it's more rustic appeal. There are 3 guest cabins and a comfortable cabin for meals for sharing tales of the hunt. Each cabin is equipped with two twin beds and propane heating. These cabins come fully equipped with on site staff & chef but still offer the rustic charm that makes this land so beautiful. Large camp fire for relaxing and replaying the events of the days hunt.


The crew on horseback at Elkhorn Outfitters, Inc.


Our Staff
We have 4 full time guides 3 seasonal guides  each with years of experience on this property. Each guide has unmatched knowledge of the habits of the animals and terrain. The owner, Dick Dodds has owned this camp for 20 years.


Need more convincing?

  • Excellent meals prepared by our own chef
  • Transportation to & from Hayden Airport
  • 120,000 plus Private Acres with limited number of hunters
  • High success ratio on 5 pt. or better Bulls and Bucks
  • Excellent references
  • Warm, comfortable accommodations
  • BOOK NOW, as we fill up fast!
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A great opportunity for you to learn taxidermy as a business or as a hobby.


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