Colorado Elk Hunting

You should expect to see an average of 20 to 50 elk per day with more animals entering our property on a daily basis during the hunting season. The average bull taken is a 5 point with some 6 points harvested. Elkhorn offers a unique hunting experience with elevations range from 6,500 to 10,000 ft. above sea level allowing migrating Elk to never leave the property.

Hunter with enormous elk in Colorado.


Early season Rut hunts are foot and horseback only. We do not allow any vehicle traffic, maintaining the integrity of the hunt and keeping the land unspoiled. Hunters can choose their favorite hunting method; Rifle, Muzzle Loader or Bow. Our expert guides will lead guests on one of the most exciting forms of hunting in North America, stalking big Elk. Our expert guides will maneuver guests into shooting lanes and call the animal to you on the ground. Few thing compare to coming face to face with a 6-700 lb. Bull Elk during the rut.

Later into the migration (November /December) hunts are conducted by horseback or vehicle. This time of year the Elk are coming down to around 6500 ft. due to weather and hunting pressure. This is their wintering grounds.


About the Hunt & Facilities
Hunters can stay at either the main lodge with it's comfortable accomodations or at the horse camp (at about 9500 ft), with it's more rustic appeal. There are 3 guest cabins and a comfortable cabin for meals for sharing tales of the hunt. Each cabin is equipped with two twin beds and propane heating. These cabins come fully equipped with on site staff & chef, but still offer the rustic charm that makes this land so beautiful, including a large camp fire for relaxing and replaying the events of the day's hunt.


The crew on horseback at Elkhorn Outfitters, Inc.

Hunts begin about 5:00am, when guests ride out for their daily adventure. Hunters break for lunch between 10&11 while Elk bed mid day. Refreshed, guests go back out between 2-3 in the evening, hunting till dark.


Stay at the main lodge
The lower main lodge is also available for Elk, Deer and Antelope hunters. More like being at home, this lodge has all the comforts of a modern hunting camp with all the convieniences.


Our Staff
We have 4 full time guides 3 seasonal guides,  each with years of experience on this property. Each guide has unmatched knowledge of the habits of the animals and terrain. This is our 25th year in business and we would like to thank everyone who has been a part of making this business successful.

- The owners, Dick & Cheryl Dodds


Need more convincing?

  • Excellent meals prepared by our own chef
  • Transportation to & from Hayden Airport
  • 120,000 plus Private Acres with limited number of hunters
  • High success ratio on 5 pt. or better Bulls and Bucks
  • Excellent references
  • Warm, comfortable accommodations
  • BOOK YOUR HUNT NOW! We fill up fast!
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